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Product update 10.24.22

Hey everyone, it's time for another product update! We've been hard at work making some exciting changes and improvements, so read on for all the details. As always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback. Cheers! 🎉

Joining a circle

Circles are private groups where members can start discussions and collaborate on intros. Anyone can create a new circle; at this time, only a circle's owner can invite + manage members and make changes to the group's settings.

The home page gives you a view of all the circles you're a member of and the circles you've been invited to join.

Building your circle

After creating a new circle, you can invite members individually or share a link to allow anyone to join.


Once your circle has members, they can post to the circle with requests for help, offers to help others, or news to share. Posts will appear in a feed on the circle page (newest up top).

Circle members can click on individual posts to leave comments or offer intros.



We'll notify you about new posts to your circles via email. You can also see who's commented and made intros on posts in your notifications tab.


Offering an intro

When offering someone an intro, you can decide upfront whether to make the intro immediately or to give them a chance to opt-in.

Accepting an intro

On the introductions page, you'll get a full list of all the intros you've offered and any offered to you. Anything waiting on action from you is marked at the top of the list.

When you accept an intro offer, we'll ask for a forwardable message to include with the introduction email.

Making an intro

Once an intro offer has been accepted, the ball is back in your court: at this stage, you can go ahead and make the intro directly by copying the intro recipient, or you can get opt-in from the contact first by leaving "Cc" unchecked.

Whichever selection you make, your work on this intro is done! Even if you let the contact opt-in, the rest of the introduction workflow is automated depending on the contact's response.

We want to hear from you!

We have a long backlog of ideas for turning Circle of Trust into the best place for people to network and collaborate on introductions. Next, we'll be adding improvements to commenting, configurable notifications, and a simplified intro flow.

If you have thoughts and feedback about what we've built so far and what you'd like to see next, feel free to send us a message!